As gold once again becomes the shining hero of today's fine jewellery world, and as more and more high-profile contemporary collections focus on the glories of gold, its vitality and versatility, its colour, texture, preciousness and meanings, we showcase the next selection of designers and goldsmiths, from around the globe.

The gold of King Midas and Agamemnon was yellow. But today, gold comes in an overwhelming array of colours.

Today the metal's traditional golden hue can be subtly and magically changed. The modern "alloying" process, undertaken to increase durability and wearability, now combines pure gold with other metals to create a new and diverse colour palette. Mixing in white metals, such as palladium or silver in combination, creates white gold, now the overwhelming choice for wedding bands in the US. The inclusion of copper results in the soft pink complexion of rose gold. And gold can now be created in a spectrum of other colours, such as green, purple and even black..